To The First Boy I Loved

To the first boy who I ever fell in love with: You broke my heart. You broke it a million times, then all over again. I guess you know that, though right? I used to think a lot, about what could have been or if the timing were different things would not have ended theContinue reading “To The First Boy I Loved”

To The Woman of The Future

What I would say to the daughter I may or may not have. This however, is also to my chiquillas, to my lovely babies growing into powerful mujeres (women). Mijita, I want your scars to be a representation that you let yourself live— jump even when you are afraid—be the unstoppable force. Climb trees. Run.Continue reading “To The Woman of The Future”

Para la mujer del futuro

Esto es lo que yo le diría a la hija que podré o no podré tener. También es para mis chiquillas, a mis queridas bebes creciendo a ser mujeres poderosas. Mijita, Yo quiero que tus cicatrices sean una representación que tú te dejaste vivir—brinca, asta cuando tú tengas miedo—que seas la fuerza imparable. Escala árboles.Continue reading “Para la mujer del futuro”