Representation Matters 

When I was in sixth grade I read a cheesy book about a couple of girls whose parents were attorneys. I was intrigued by the idea of court cases, the amount of reading they had to do, and how they went up and defended their case. I told myself I wanted to do that withContinue reading “Representation Matters “

To The First Boy I Loved

To the first boy who I ever fell in love with: You broke my heart. You broke it a million times, then all over again. I guess you know that, though right? I used to think a lot, about what could have been or if the timing were different things would not have ended theContinue reading “To The First Boy I Loved”

Graduation Still Feels Surreal

Graduation still feels surreal. This post and my life right now are a little all over the place. I am finding myself in this world along with other recent graduates. I wanted to share a little about me and some advice for those who are on the same journey. I am finding a home inContinue reading “Graduation Still Feels Surreal”

To The Woman of The Future

What I would say to the daughter I may or may not have. This however, is also to my chiquillas, to my lovely babies growing into powerful mujeres (women). Mijita, I want your scars to be a representation that you let yourself live— jump even when you are afraid—be the unstoppable force. Climb trees. Run.Continue reading “To The Woman of The Future”

Como Te Llamas?

Cual es tu nombre? What is your name? Questions I always get after: “what does your name even mean?” “why is there a c at the end?” “did they spell your name wrong?” “is it syria like the country?” “why did your parents name you that?”… [x100]  My name is a big part of whoContinue reading “Como Te Llamas?”