Representation Matters 

When I was in sixth grade I read a cheesy book about a couple of girls whose parents were attorneys. I was intrigued by the idea of court cases, the amount of reading they had to do, and how they went up and defended their case. I told myself I wanted to do that withContinue reading “Representation Matters “

To The First Boy I Loved

To the first boy who I ever fell in love with: You broke my heart. You broke it a million times, then all over again. I guess you know that, though right? I used to think a lot, about what could have been or if the timing were different things would not have ended theContinue reading “To The First Boy I Loved”

Graduation Still Feels Surreal

Graduation still feels surreal. This post and my life right now are a little all over the place. I am finding myself in this world along with other recent graduates. I wanted to share a little about me and some advice for those who are on the same journey. I am finding a home inContinue reading “Graduation Still Feels Surreal”