Advice To My First Generation College Students

This is for my friend who wanted advice for his first year. I realized that he may not be the only one. I wanted to write something meaningful and helpful to you and students like you. I did not want to write the easy things like bring a pen, come on time, and remember toContinue reading “Advice To My First Generation College Students”

Para todos los papás indocumentados

Papá, feliz del día de padre. Nunca dejaré de luchar por ti y por otros papás como tú. Esta pieza es muy importante para mí porque honra la lucha de los padres indocumentados, específicamente mi papá. Dos semanas después de graduarme de la universidad, me ofrecieron un par de puestos de trabajo. Mi papá siempreContinue reading “Para todos los papás indocumentados”

Graduation Still Feels Surreal

Graduation still feels surreal. This post and my life right now are a little all over the place. I am finding myself in this world along with other recent graduates. I wanted to share a little about me and some advice for those who are on the same journey. I am finding a home inContinue reading “Graduation Still Feels Surreal”

To The Woman of The Future

What I would say to the daughter I may or may not have. This however, is also to my chiquillas, to my lovely babies growing into powerful mujeres (women). Mijita, I want your scars to be a representation that you let yourself live— jump even when you are afraid—be the unstoppable force. Climb trees. Run.Continue reading “To The Woman of The Future”

Para la mujer del futuro

Esto es lo que yo le diría a la hija que podré o no podré tener. También es para mis chiquillas, a mis queridas bebes creciendo a ser mujeres poderosas. Mijita, Yo quiero que tus cicatrices sean una representación que tú te dejaste vivir—brinca, asta cuando tú tengas miedo—que seas la fuerza imparable. Escala árboles.Continue reading “Para la mujer del futuro”

Como Te Llamas?

Cual es tu nombre? What is your name? Questions I always get after: “what does your name even mean?” “why is there a c at the end?” “did they spell your name wrong?” “is it syria like the country?” “why did your parents name you that?”… [x100]  My name is a big part of whoContinue reading “Como Te Llamas?”

The Past

Want to know what the scary part about the past is? Maybe it is the realization that you do not control what came of it– Whether it was words you said  Maybe it was the thoughts that weren’t fully thought out Or maybe. maybe it is it the moments that are no longer ours BecauseContinue reading “The Past”