intro The thing about being first generation, is that we were tasked with a burden far beyond what we or our families imagined. It’s not about survival, or what we think we know. It’s learning what a formal education is then figuring out what to do with it, what it means. It is realizing thatContinue reading

And never let anyone clip your wings. you were born to fly. You were born to fly, remind yourself that when you feel broken. remember that you are enough mental health sometimes means therapy other times it means taking a break. you’ll know what is right for you, even when other people tell you thatContinue reading

Here’s the thing I have learned. If you want to do something and you have this awesome idea, then do it. Don’t wait for people, don’t wait for the perfect timing, don’t let the world stop you. You’ll probably always be tired, too busy, so you just have to do it. Sometimes I think: DangContinue reading

0. learn to tell your story and learn to be proud of it. 0. Following your passions & your instincts doesn’t always look like the right thing to the people around you, do it anyways 0. Make mistakes, be afraid you will and do it anyways 0. Ask people to be your mentors, even ifContinue reading

write about heart break it’s one of those things that connects us all but at 1:30 in the morning that’s the last thing i wish i could be thinking about. as if my poetry could be created by a muse of your ghost