who i am.

I am a writer and poet

I can still remember the first story I wrote about a farm and how I fell in love with the idea of bringing my thoughts into life. While now I write less fiction, I tend to use my voice from everything from advice, lists, to dreams, to poetry, and analyzing policy.

I care deeply about justice

I was born in Mexico & I am an undocumented immigrant living with DACA. I graduated with an Honors B.S.in Political Science & Sociology from the University of Utah in 2017.

Right now, I am working towards becoming a lawyer and fighting for immigrant rights. By day, I work as a policypro on health, immigrant rights, and juvenile justice policies.

My faith centers and inspires me

I am Christian. My faith is where I find strength on the hardest days and where I remember to give grace to those who need it most, the same way I was saved by it.

Have any questions or inquiries? Please feel free to email me: ciriacisbeth@gmail.com