And never let anyone clip your wings. you were born to fly. You were born to fly, remind yourself that when you feel broken.

remember that you are enough

mental health sometimes means therapy other times it means taking a break.

you’ll know what is right for you, even when other people tell you that you are wrong.

your time is valuable, it is worth so much don’t be afraid to own up to it.

no one will ever be able to take the experiences you have from you– so take it all in & go for it

read the daily brief from the NYT or another news outlet, whether it’s while you eat breakfast or listen to a podcast in the morning. do something to stay up to date with what is going on today

speak tf up for what you believe in — thanks twitter for that.

learn to tell your story then own it. own your experiences your past your identity. nothing is more powerful then someone who knows who they are, where they came from, and where they want to go.

No amount of advise will prepare you enough, but it’s always good to be prepared even if things don’t end up as planned. bring a pen, come on time & respect everyone’s time.

find mentors even if they aren’t formal ones, keep them updated and don’t be afraid to ask for help. follow up with those who give you their business card. never feel as if you’re too good for anyone, everyone is important.

a formal education is a privilege. use that privilege to bring people up, use it to make a difference in your community.

you’ll meet people who are doing amazing things, who’ll make you feel small and you’ll compare yourself to them. I won’t tell you not to because it’s inevitable. i will tell you though, for every one thing you compare yourself to someone, remember one good thing you are doing, have done, have accomplished or hope to do

drink water, go to those extra workshops and forums,

do at least one internship. get out of the theoretical bubble and show the world what you have to offer– you’ll be surprised just how much that is.

there will be words that hurt you, people who won’t understand you or be willing to listen. know that this does not make your feelings invalid. it also doesn’t mean you have to spend your time educating them, it is about reclaiming your time and valuing yourself enough to respect how you feel and when it is necessary to disengage.

tell your parents what you’re doing, even if they don’t fully understand. bring your parents on campus if you can they will be proud to know that this campus is for them too for your family and a part of your future.

it won’t always be easy. The classes, the finances, the workload, the expectations people have of you, the pressure you put on yourself, and how society makes it an individual accomplishment. Know that you don’t have to do it alone. find friends who support you, find family who helps you, and find at least one office or space on campus that makes you feel welcomed.

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