Reporter: So tell me your name and spell it out for me
Ciriac alvarez
Reporter: so tell me what made you want to come out of the shadows?

How does one live in the shadows if the shadows apply that I am somehow hiding.
How can I be hiding if my whole life has been documented in the light.
My name living in the tongues of the people around me
My name written in records of public schools you see
My existence documented by nurses doctors and sometimes financial assistance.
You can live in the shadows I think, but that’s just me.

Shadows imply we are hiding in the dark
When we are really hiding the broad daylight, it’s like an art
How can I live in the shadows if the shadows live within me?
The hatred that penetrates from time to time
The sadness I’ve learned to sometimes call mine
The monsters that tell you we don’t belong, aren’t just sayings or phrases but real conversations.
And maybe it takes courage or dedication to understand
That I can’t live in the shadows if I live in light and hope
Despite it all the kind that is hard to penetrate with the nights darkness.

And somehow you have the audacity to

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