i come from a great grandmother who would stitch her love to the clothes my mother would wear
who would bear the burden and pain of ripping your own skirts to weave your resistance in and out to make dresses that they’d proudly put on.
this love, is the kind of love that’s passed on.

i come from a grandmother who would sprinkle her love into the dishes she’d make
would pour it all out into the world that only caused her heartache
because she had so little to give but gave it her all.
little did she know this little thing would make her grand daughter stand so tall.
before i was even born you were in heaven already gone
but this love, is the kind of love that’s passed on.

grandma, i never got the chance to meet you. abuelita, yo nunca te conocí but i feel like i know you, and i feel the love you gave to me
because my mom, my mom loves in the very same way
adding her love in the food she makes
but just as much, in the words that she says.

i come from an organizer at heart
who gself care when i forget
to eat or feel like i am falling apart
midnight organizing, writing papers, scrambling all my thoughts
into actions, ideas, la persona que quiero ser
mija quieres algo de comer?
the rock to how i could accomplish everything i have done.
who fed me with wisdom, nutrition and love,
this love, this love is the kind of love that’s passed on.

So one day i could scream and shout
that my existence is enough
or maybe write it out
then speak so eloquently
when you taught me how mami.
because without formal education you taught me el poder de las palabras
the words I speak have power
to either bring life or death

you taught me to choose my words carefully and how to speak in front of crowds when i felt like i couldn’t even catch my breath.
i watched as you stood up in church and say your words
speak of hope and those who watched were awed by your strength.
your faith never shaken nor bent.
your soul so pure to those who need it like a beautiful song.
this love, is the kind of love that’s passed on.

love that recognizes me. love that has stitched me together when i was falling apart.
bisabuelita, this love, is the kind of love that you passed on.

love that uplifts me. love that is sprinkled when i need it most when i am down, abuelita, this love, is the love that you passed on.

love that empowers me. love that is brings hope and light through your faith in God with the words you carefully choose to come out of your mouth.
love that brings life as you speak.
mami, this love, is the love that you passed on to me.

Juanita. Consuelo. Raquel. I say their names because i come from love
I come from generations of pain and only being allowed certain degrees of freedom
didn’t choose

You see this love, this is the way that I will pass it on.

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