you are rooted deeply by past warriors
holding you up by the sky —
so devine
branching out to where you never imagined
places your ancestors never dreamed
the sun harvesting more
than light onto your very skin
leaving its mark so eloquently
with melanin darkening,
these are traces of magic.
you grow towards the sky past man made ceilings—
you are earth shattering.
the borders you cross holding down intertwined connections that can’t be broken
ties in both directions that string together
your very existence
tú eres de aquí y de allá.
the soil itself is the life of the family
who gave you more than faith
their strength when yours was not enough.
Harvest your power.
And know that you are growing
even if it pains you
your existence feeds the world
of fight, of resilience.
you deserve the the sun and the moon.

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