I want to love you in Spanish
For the same reason that I love the moon more than the sun
Where my words flow from the heart
Because that’s how I learned to dream and I understood that how to fly
And as if my mind would be the ocean or the sea
I could tell you
That only in Spanish my pain was healed
With the frog’s tail but in truth with the power I understood from my mother
How she lift her face
In front of all the hateful and evil people
Because in English she was humiliated
it’s where i felt most hurt
Where my heart was broken to pieces
And where i felt devastated
But in Spanish it is where I saw true love
And I can tell you
How beautiful it is
every word of affection
Everything is more beautiful than in English.

I want to love you in Spanish because there is more hope there than pain
More possibilities
maybe it’s the same reason that the moon loves the sun
after so much darkness
and contemplating it
Maybe instead I want to love you much more
In Nahuatl.
Where all
The possibilities exist to love you.
Let me love you like this

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