To The Woman of The Future

What I would say to the daughter I may or may not have. This however, is also to my chiquillas, to my lovely babies growing into powerful mujeres (women).


I want your scars to be a representation that you let yourself live— jump even when you are afraid—be the unstoppable force. Climb trees. Run. Play the sports you always wanted to and let your bruises shine. Become the voyager and shero who wears her cape so proudly.

I hope you escape into a reality where your dreams come true but more importantly; I hope for you to live this reality.

Do not let yourself become buried by the standards of beauty this world so drastically proclaims. Embrace the hair on your head and skin—let it be known that you are human, that you are woman—que tú eres mujer. Embrace your radiant skin and every nook and curve your body has. Remember that you do not need the approval of men. Your worth is not based off of their judgement. Your existence is neither to serve nor please them.

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin. –Sandra Cisneros

Be like Sandra Cisneros. This may not be easy. It may even take a lifetime, but you are worth it.

Remember that you are enough. You are a million times, enough. You are allowed to take up space. You do not owe this world anything – if anything this world has debts to pay for your constant struggle to exist freely. I want you to understand, that you do not always have to smile. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to disagree, to yell, to write, to wear what you please.

I want you to be resilient. You are brilliant and important. Do not be afraid to be alone, instead embrace yourself when you find the quiet time by yourself.

Remember, that your strength comes from a line of women who refused to give up—from roots that will never run dry. Tu fortaleza viene de tus raizes.

Tú eres el sol radiante

Tú eres la luna magnífica

You are the radiant sun. You are the ever magnificent moon. The galaxy of stars lives within your eyes. You are unfathomable. I want you to be proud of who you become. You will be more than you ever imagined. I love you. You will forever be an unrehearsed, unapologetically extraordinary amorcito.


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